2017 recap

Another busy year in the books, taking a year ‘off’ from doing the full yard, and limiting it to only the front.

This let us play with a lot of things as a test for future years. New lighting, new ideas, new format.

The party this year was amazing despite the wind trying to kill it. Many neighbors, both new and experienced, come by to help carve pumpkins. We tried a few new things with this on the sly, things that give me ideas for the future.

Halloween night was near perfect weather, and the smaller venue allowed us to focus more on just having fun than trying to keep eyes on all corners.

Some big things are in the works for 2018 as we work towards some PERMANENT additions to the back yard that will help make Halloween night easier on us, and memorable for you.

8th Annual Party!

More info HERE

Light at the end…

2016 has been a long journey.

Our main focus for the year has been on the house. Most importantly the kitchen.

Here’s a from concept sketch to where we are today…

Even with being in the middle of construction, we’ve had a lot of fun as well.

And while it took a different form than normal, we focused on the community and managed to put on our Halloween party in the midst of construction.

As 2016 slides to a close, and the house hurtles towards completion, there will soon be an actual workshop, and the plans can get back on track…

Hey, look, that’s my shop…

If you’ve followed along for any length of time you’ve seen my projects spilled out into the yard, the garage, the kitchen table, and even the living room.

2017, that will largely change. I will have a shop. An actual workspace all my own.

They’ve started digging it out now…

From 2016 Buildup

Of course, between waiting for banks and permits and whatevers, it’s not going to be done till December…and that puts us in a huge construction mess in October.

Oh, we’re still doing something. I don’t know WHAT yet. Announcements soon.

Chimera Eulogy.



That thing from Star Wars.

That thing from Dark Crystal.



The Chimera was called many things by many people, and all wanted to know WHAT in the end it really was.

From 2011 buildup

What is was. That has as many answers as there are people looking and wondering.

The Chimera was born out of a storm. Having lost our props to a storm in 2010, a new direction was settled on, originally meant to be a one-off fun pumpkin centric theme. It soon developed into what I wanted to do from then on.

The Chimera began life as the first time I wasn’t just trying to replicate something I’d seen. I didn’t want just ANY scarecrow to go with this new pumpkin centric theme. It was a cry to find my own voice. My own style. Something entirely, ME. As such, the lessons learned and mistakes made on it were monumental.

Very early on, it suffered a break on a leg, and I had to do a patch.

At the final stages, the Chimera become a rallying point for me. A defining moment. THIS is not just who I WAS, but where I wanted to go, who I wanted to BE.

From Halloween 2012

I would move on to other pieces. But the Chimera heart would be there.

From 2013 buildup

To the point where I began to ask in my own mind: Is that a Chimera?

Pieces to the outside that might not seem it are the descendants of the original Chimera.

From 2015

Over the years, the Chimera sat stalwart through the winters and winds that would see it standing stalwart in the front yard. But time gets to everyone. Things broke. I would fix. Other things broke, I’d patch.

This spring saw one last storm. The chimera tipped over, and curled up. We went to stand him up and the wood at the heart of the frame just started to disintegrate. I had long been amused by the mushrooms growing off him adding to it. But, time wins.

From 2016 Buildup

What was, no, what IS the Chimera?

A testament to creativity. Talking point for some. Inspiration to others.

From Buildup 2015

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