Horror Flesh, Spirit Gum, and Liquid Latex

Figured I may as well do some product reviews as long as I’ve been trying some out.

Now, first off, a little history. Back when I was 8 or so, I decided to start experimenting with my own makeup. Back then, there were none of these fancy prosthetics you just buy and glue on, but there were the tools to make whatever you want. I became rather good at it…to a point where I was asked to leave work (burger king) because my makeup was making some customers sick.

However, It’s been 8 years since I touched the stuff at all, and 15+ years since I have seriously used anything. Opting for masks as opposed to makeup because kids sometimes need to be showed it’s pretend.

That’s changing for the school carnival. And, I set out to make some prosthetics for myself. (None of the premade ones were right.)

Then, I saw Horror Flesh in the store. I had seen this stuff previously, and have always wanted to give it a try.

From An UnOrthOdOx Halloween

The stuff is supposed to make cracks, wrinkles, and etc easily. The big “wash with soap and water” was the first red flag.

The package reveals 2 means of using the product: “Apply a thin layer for an aged look, or use the stippling sponge to provide a zombie look.”

Ok, fair enough. I spread half in a thin layer with my finger, attempted to use the stippling sponge, only to get the sponge all gunked up with this stuff, but proceeded with it anyway.

Within 15 minutes it was dry, and cracked, and looked very much like the picture on the package. I was prepared to write how wonderful it is.

THEN….it started falling off. Everywhere. This was definitely more pronounced with the stippling than with the smooth layer.

So, overall, I’d give this stuff 2/5. It’s ok for the smooth layer ‘aged’ look, and good for a photo shoot, but worthless for wearing it for several hours.

Next up came Spirit Gum. This was a product new to me. Used to Liquid Latex, and failing to find it ANYWHERE in the stores, this spirit gum claimed to be used for gluing on prosthetics, which is all I really needed, so we gave it a shot.

Spread on, let dry, adhere the prosthetic. Simple idea. The stuff makes a sticky goo that never truly “dries”, and has about as much adherence as a post it note. Absolutely worthless for wearing it for hours.

A closer inspection of some of the KITTED prosthetics revealed they came with spirit gum AND liquid latex. Seems the spirit gum is really there to hold the item in place long enough for the latex to dry. That makes sense, actually. It’s unnecessary, but it makes sense. 2/5 for misleading packaging.

FINALLY, I had to seek out over the internet to acquire some Liquid Latex.

From An UnOrthOdOx Halloween

After having seen it in NONE of the stores, I ordered it through Amazon. Of course, then a few days after, I saw Fundaze and Holidaze had restocked some…so, anyone in Utah looking for some, that’s the place. (In fact, they have the BEST of everything around this year, period)

THIS stuff is where it’s at. You can do ANYTHING with it. You want to be a zombie, or you got a kid wanting to go the grotesque route? THIS is the stuff you’re looking for.

Need to glue on a prosthetic? Apply a thin coat to your skin where you want it, AND a thin coat to the back of the prosthetic. Let both dry, then attach it. An instant bond will hold the item in place while you blend in the edge.

Want wrinkles? Stretch out an area of skin, apply latex, let dry, let the skin go back, presto, wrinkles.

How about a nice rotting flesh, or burns, or etc? Apply desired makeup to your skin, let dry, apply the latex and let dry, peel up the latex how you want, the makeup color will come with the latex. Now paint in the ‘bloody’ area under where you just peeled, and add some fake blood if you so want.

(it’s important to paint a undercoat before applying fake blood to make it look ‘right’)

(And, the skin is green because that’s what I have on hand. I also don’t have any fake blood right now, but you get the idea…)

From An UnOrthOdOx Halloween

Easily 5/5. Still the best stuff on the market (for us amateurs).

7 thoughts on “Horror Flesh, Spirit Gum, and Liquid Latex

  1. Oy, just ran across your post looking for “how to use horrorflesh” on google.
    I couldnt agree with you more. THe current hs I go to does not appreciate horror makeup, so i mostly publish photoshoot type effects.
    A good, cheep, way to do cuts is to press yarn onto your skin with spirit gum, apply bruising, apply blood and your done!

  2. Damn! I just came across your post, immediately after buying some horror flesh because I could’t find any liquid latex locally.

    I now wish I hadn’t bothered, and I’m sure my outit is going to be disappointing 🙁

  3. thank you thank you!! i have been wondering where to pick up spirit gum or liquid latex and had no idea it was so close to me! (i live in syracuse) after reading this i will be heading to the store to pick up the horror flesh! i need to attach a fake nose and a bald head this halloween… i am also loving your ideas on zombie flesh and wrinkles. filing away for next halloween! 🙂

  4. Thank you i’ve been looking for how to use liquid latex and horror flesh.but there is to things i wonder u know how to use 1. Blood capsule and 2. Gel blood
    Well I’d like to know
    But you have helped me a lot

  5. I use liquid latex for everything but spirit gum is used to apply beards and facial hair. I work for a haunt house so i come in contact with all these products. horror flesh on the other hand I would not use.
    Summer Brown, blood capsules you put in your mouth and bite down on it to release the blood into your mouth to give you a bloody mouth. and Gel blood, there are many kinds, one kind is hard and you heat it up to create blood, another is a thicker darker type of fake blood which doesnt dry quickly, we use it for open wounds that you want to look fresh, we use regular fake blood when we make the wound look infected as such for a zombie.

  6. You can seal the bottle and use any unused portions, but you cannot peel off and reuse anything that’s been applied.

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