2010 “The Harvest”

2011 “The Harvest Returns”

2012 “The Recondite”

2013 “Primordial”





4 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. dude,i want my neighbors to hate me as much as yours probably hate you.awesome job.i hope you earn your living doing what is obviously a labor of love

  2. LOVE the full effect of your house.
    Our neighborhood dresses up pretty nicely for halloween
    The main gimic we use is a cardboard cutout in the front window with a strobe behind it.
    We did this after we would leave for trick or treat, check back 5 minutes later and have the large cauldron we left out with candy be completely empty. Sillhouette plus please take ONE sign equals candy being spread out much longer

  3. Incredible work! And it must be so fun for all the kids to get involved with the carving. Wish I lived in your neighborhood. 🙂

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